Tulsi 3-mint Tea


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100 gms


HEALTH BENEFITS: This tea with its spearmint content is good for problems like bad breath, abdominal cramp, stomach bloating, etc. Also, the mint oil of this spearmint is known to help with easing stomach discomfort with its fresh taste. Also, peppermint,is a powerhouse when it comes to health benefits. From supporting overall health and wellness to alleviating stomach problems and protecting heart health, this ingredient make this tea much more efficient.
Acne and greasy skin can be kept at bay with a regular dose of mint, and the best and most healthy way to do this is a shot of Mint tea on a regular basis. The other big advantage of consuming this drink is it prevents bad breath. Beautiful skin and fresh breath – it doesn’t get better than this from a drink so simple to make and so freshening.


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