जैविक City has been established by youthful business people who share a craving to impact the organic food ecosystem as a whole – from the climate to the farmers to you, the end purchasers. The function of distribution in this cycle holds generous significance and by handling issues at this level, we had the option to set up a convincing success win recommendation. It was established for making a compelling and effective bridge between Indian minor farmers and purchasers over the world looking for great “Organic Products”. Being food forward, we are consistently watching out for new ingredients to make your culinary journey more varied, fulfilling and pleasant. In keeping up an eco-friendly gracefully chain, we just source mindfully developed products, advance indigenous assortments and follow economical practices at every possible opportunity. Fundamentally, we believe in doing well by doing good.





Our farmers are deliberately chosen and prepared to work rehearsing environment-friendly farming techniques. We check their water source (it’s perhaps the main components!), soil quality, cropping patterns, information and fertilizer arrangements – and most importantly the farmer’s attitude and motivations to practice organic and chemical-free agriculture. We follow a progression of practices like soil richness management, seed assortment, biodiversity, treating the soil, water management, crop revolution and security which are incredibly effective and regenerative in nature. We set up rules and methods together and they make a hard effort to guarantee that only the most genuine farmers are associated with us.

As our name ” जैविक City ” shows combination of tradition followed by modernisation, we have made our supply chain on the same thought .We are more devoted towards maintaining hygienic & co2 fumigated environment for infestation control. Our modern practices & dehydration tech retain the maximum reach of potency. Here we use traditional ways of processing the food & modern ways of contactless packaging, sterile environment & also secure the chances of a phytochemical breakdown. Our specialised mechanism to preserve the matrix of bioactive molecules possessed by all the products by grinding them at low temperature. Final products which we serve you are of the elite quality, for most purity & organically grown.

Our kitchen produces healthy, and heavenly food, with no artificial additives or refined ingredients. The use of oil is insignificant to ensure perfect health. We hand make our entire line with bunches of love and care-flour, tea, beats, flavors, rice, and more! Simply the best is shared from our family’s kitchen to your family’s table. You can appreciate food that is cleanly stuffed and holds all the advantages of organic food, with no chemical interference. We’ve generally been steady of food that is more tasty, nutritious and holistic. Having seen the most the highest numbers when it comes to customers discussing the advantage of moving to a more organic eating diet, we trust it’s the ideal opportunity for a change and that time is here.


Farmers are followed through on a superior cost to guarantee that no genetically changed seeds are brought into utilization. For planting just the absolute best seeds ought to be utilized.

Soil testing gives the background information on the chemical, physical and organic status of a soil. The soil is tried to affirm the absence of chemicals.

The crops are just collected after attaining full development and the obtained products are put away in a totally clean environment.

A wide range of testing methods is available to food producers to assess the safety of products. Tests are led to check the presence of pesticides and hold the crops' power.

Crops are exposed to CO2 fumigation to dispose of microbes and bug infestation, if any. Safety is of indispensable significance in at all times and performing fumigation.

At the time of packaging, all norms set somewhere near the Indian Organic level are maintained. It assists with characterizing the uniqueness of the item.



We aim to create happy clients by selling the best products at the best prices, in a friendly, fun atmosphere. Our rating has remained at 100% with excellent and positive feedback. We are constantly adding new products and new lines of products with extra features, so longing to see you again.


Our Vision is to be different through sustainable work of excellence. Engaging more people in JAIVIK CITY to live and enjoy lifestyles that are sustainable, and promote well being. It isn’t just about the organic products that we sell, yet additionally the services alongside esteem added services that we offer you.“


JaivikCity is based on honesty, trust, responsibility and obligation to our client and good business morals. We believe in responsible mindful sourcing and in rewarding nature and farming communities and have an unlimited commitment to quality. We are constantly adding new products and new lines of products with extra features, so longing to see you again.